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Please enjoy the following deals and


discounts @


Please check back often as deals and discounts are updated regularly. Thank you.

Is this your first time?


Please allow us to express our gratitude and appreciation by offering a 15% discount on your first order. 

When ordering, use coupon code " first time " at checkout

and enjoy. Thank you for giving us a try. 



"Aging is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and




would like to recognize and celebrate our 

distinguished, seasoned and much wiser community with a 15% 

discount on every order from now until eternity. 55 years young or


older? This deal is for you.

When ordering, please use coupon code " Smart 55 " at checkout and 

enjoy. Thank you. 


This discount is only available if you are 55 years in age or more. Proof of identification may be required. 




Please join us 


for the cannabis happy hour.





7 days a week from 4:20pm - 6:30pm.



During these hours we invite you to take an additional 10% off 

the entire menu and enjoy. 



Please use coupon code " happy " at checkout to enjoy 10% off

everything on the menu. Thank you.


With Respect, Honor and Gratitude.....Thank You.


would like to recognize and express our appreciation to the men

and women of our armed services. Past, present and future.

  Please enjoy 15% off the entire menu if you are a veteran or

active duty military personnel. 


At checkout, deploy coupon code " safe " for a 15% discount. 

Thank you for your commitment to keeping us safe. 

This coupon code is only available to veterans and active duty military. Proof of identification may be required. 


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